onsdag 31 december 2014


Helio 5 Mk.V
New in the equipment page.

Helio 5 Mk.V


To those who recreates Commandos

The book was printed in 2012 and is pleasant to read. It's about how 
future commandos trained and how they should exploit their equipment fully.

The author has taken excerpts from various training booklets from that time.
Still interesting but it's a shame that they are not complete pamphlets.

Examples of pamphlets

Combined Operation Pamphlrt No:24 Cliff Assults
Combined Operation Pamphlrt No:27
Hardening of Commando troops for Warfare
All-in Fighting
Shooting to live with the one-hand gun

tisdag 23 december 2014


Want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you are.

måndag 1 december 2014

Czechoslovak Army Postmark

Here are some different postmarks that the Czech army used during
World war II.

söndag 30 november 2014

Booklet WAR

Booklet for Airborne personnel.
The booklet contains a compilation of the Brunval raid

lördag 1 november 2014

söndag 10 augusti 2014


When I bought this copy I did not know there was an article about a 17
year old male from Ostrava region in Czechoslovakia. Hi was controlled by
the Gestapo after a cinema visit and became forced laborers for the Germens.

This article is about his unbelievable journey from Poland through the whole 
Soviet Union to the Japanese occupied parts. It took him two and a half years
to get to England to fight side by side with his fellow Czech.

He earned his living among other things as body guard to a gangster in Shanghai.

lördag 9 augusti 2014


Nice little recipe pamphlet. There is 200 recipes and some newspaper clips
from the former owner. The Miss/Mrs Ambrose Heath that compiled the 
recipe booklet had his own radio show during world war two. 

The name of the brodcast " The Kitchen Front". She invited the lisner to send 
here the recipes that are in the booklet, so the people from north to south could
 get some help, ideas and inspiration to cook good meals and desserts, as all
was rationed and it was hard times during the war.


Avery nice recipe book from world war two. The book is divided into 
seven sections. The sections are protein dishes, vegetables, salads,
fruit dishes, starch dishes, soups and sauces and preserving.

The book shows how to plan meals for the whole day from the various 
sections and an an example for the whole week. It contains about 
280 recipes.


Hello again, here you will see photogrphs of how I applaying the blanco on 
the webbing. I bought a syntethetic brush that has a diameter of 40mm. 
I trimmed it as you can see in the pictures. Could be a little smaller about
30mm or 25mm, in return it was good when one brushed the blanco on 
larger items.

I used plastic sheet too, as one can see on the pictures. It will be messy.

The blanco I bought was from SoF and was ok. When you poured it into
a bowl it had the consistency as slury (cant finde metaphor for the word 
od slury it´s a Swedish word.) Quite thick. So I filled a 1/3 of the bottle 
whit water and poured it into the bowl and mixed so it became a little more
thiner. I used the same bottle as the blanco came in for the water.

This i did before I got the tip of Mario. The seconed thing in the process all 
my webbing was damp when I applied the blanco on the webbing. So the 
blanco could soak in to the fabric as it dry. 

The last thing needed to do is to brush the webbing from excess blanco
and polish the brass.

Overall the experience went well. It takes time to blanco the equipment.

Synthetic brush 40mm, could be smaller.

Trimmed brush.

Bowl with SoF blanco and with little more water in.

Help with a piece of wood for the skeleton holder.



Brushing the blanco on the pouche. 



Straps for small pack.

E-toll holder.



Small pack.

Small pack.

Small pack.

Cross straps.

Out for drying.


Since I have never Blanco any type of webbing, so I thout it was a good 
idea to take some photographs of the work and for demonstration purposes.
There is awell known site called www.blancoandbull.com anyone can go to
and get very good advice how to get a good finnish on there webbing. 

I have used baby soap that is mild and unscented, because I could not find 
soap flakes that were recommended by B and B. When you put in the 
webbing in to the water it was almost like it was impregnated whit some
kind of water repellent, as you can see in the pictures. 

When you scrubed the webbing whit the soap the fabric started to absorbe 
the water. The pre wash of the webbing is so the blanco will be betterabsorbed
 by the fabric.


Belt, frog, cross straps, smallpack, shoulder straps for small pack, ammo pouches,
skeleton holder for water bottle and holder for the E-tool.
(Not in picture)

Small Pack

Scrubing the small pack 

Straps for small pack

Cross straps

Ammo pouches

Dirty water after scrubing 

Frog and skeleton holder


Dirty water after scrubing 

Holder for E-tool

Out for dry