lördag 11 maj 2013

Liberation Festival Plzen

Now I sit here in front of the computer and try to sum up our little expedition to Plzen. 
there were different camps in plzen, American, British, German and contemporary American. 
Plzen was liberated by the Americans beginning of May, because of this they keep this
 festival every year. Every year there are coming American veterans to join the celebration
 and every year, there are some that fall off. It is a very good and serious re-enactment event. 
There are several monuments for the American units that participated in the liberation of Plzen and museums. 
Me and my brother were participants as Czech soldiers in the British army. A few days after the
 Americans liberated Plzen there came a small Czech unit. The Czech unit would be symbolic in that it
 would be in the liberation of the czech republic but essentially Prague. There were several activities 
related to the festivities, fashion show 40s, boxing match and much other tings. The festival 
was well planned. We must say that we were well received as one of the Czech re-eenactors 
told us that he'd like to have seen more international clubs come. We would like to thank our hosts 
for letting us be with you, Many Thanks. We can warmly recommend to travel to Plzen.