Events Attended


Here are some pictures of our trip to Belgium and France. I and my father started the 
journey at 03.30 on August 21 Thursday morning from Helsingborg, Sweden. Our goal 
was to spend the night in Arnhem, Holland. Our first stop was in Munster to look at the 
tank museum and then on to Holland more specifically Arnhem. There, I laid a small 
wreath at the memorial of 21st IPC, as we cannot attend the 70 anniversary of 
operation Market Garden and pay my respect for the unit. 

After a good night's sleep and good hotel breakfast we set of at 07,30 22nd August
 towards France more specifically La Targette to pay our respect for the fallen 
Czechoslovak soldiers who fought for a free Europe and above all for independent 
Czechoslovakia. At this cemetery lies fallen from the First and Second World War. As 
we we were at the cemetery we met a very interesting person. It turned out that his family 
had made their way to France before annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1939. His father 
was a Czech soldier in the French army and was shot by the Germans in Paris and 
then buried at the cemetery. 

From La Targette we drove towards Dunkirk for our next stop. My father and I hade our 
base camp at Dunkirk and there we drove to Cabour, Belgium to meet up whit Rota Nazdar. 
It was nice to see how many people had come from the Czech Republic to attend the 
70 year anniversary of the Czechoslovak independent armored brigade, They were close 
to 50 people who had come. A well organized event. The event was at a small museum 
Cabour and in regions where the Czechoslovak unit was. The event lasted to the public 
for two days 23 and 24 August.

whole arrangement was to the 26th August. We joined the memorial service to 
commemorate the Czechoslovakien fallen soldiers at the war cemetery in Cabour. At the
 at evening we had a tour of the battlefield where the Czechoslovak unit had fought. 
There were also remnants from the First World War.

Unfortunately we could not be with them until the end, we had to start thinking about the 
journey home. Rota Nazdar had an audience with the Mayor of Dunkirke and then to
 La Targette and then home to the Czech Republic on August 26.

I must say that the trip and all the people we met on this journey has been amazing. 
Another thing that I think about, when we did a excursion to Batterie TODT and then went 
to a viewpoint near the coast to watch the White Cliffs of Dover. When we had been 
there a while at the viewpoint, we were approached by a British and Australian family that 
started talking to us about what we celebrated and wonder where we came from. As I
 explained what we were doing and where we were from Sweden and the Czech Republic, 
we had with us an extra person Tomas Hataj. One could see they appreciated what one did 

I quote my father, "It was a wonderful trip and I would not like to have it undone, 
as you know, my health is not the best., I do not know if I'm here tomorrow or in a month 
or a year."

The last thing I want to write is, I want to thank ROTA NAZADR that we were allowed 
to come.


I would like to start thanking Villy Lorch for being so kind and photographed us. 
I hade taken with me my own camera but somehow had the batteries discharged. 
Thank you once again

Andelslandsbyen Nyvang id a open air museum whit old buildings from early 1900s.
There was a bakery, radio shop, general shop, church and other shops.

The theme was the Germen occupation of Denmark and the resistance that grew 
against the Germen occupiers and finally liberation.

The event was for three days 6 to 8 June. It was a well organized event. There was
lots of visitors and we hade and we got a lot of people at our exhibition that was 
curious and knew a lot about what we showed. Over all it was a two good days.

At last Thanks to Kim Hansen for the Parachute photo and 
Andelslandsbyen Nyvang.

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Villy Lorch

Courtesy of Kim Hansen

Courtesy of Kim Hansen

Courtesy of Villy Lorch


This is an event jointly organized by Beredskapsmuseet and goes on for tow days.
This year´s theme focused on Normandy June 6. There were British forces, 
U.S. forcec, German forces and Swedish forces from the preparedness time.
We joined forces whit the British reenactment group FHF and two new friends from 
Sölvesborg, Martin and Douglas. All participants had nice displays. A thanks to Ashley 
to his good cocking and to the other guys of the British team

Oosterbeek / Arnhem 2013-9-19/22

At last one is home. It has been lovely days in Oosterbeek / Arnhem Holland. Not as it is at 
home as I am writing this, RAINING. It was nice to meet all old friends one have come in 
touch in Holland and some new from Czech Republic and some new two.

This year we went whit our father and a new member of our group to visit the different 
location in and outside the perimeter of the Oosterbeek pocket. We started in the 
Oosterbeek pocket and drove first to Heelsum to look at the Memorial that is erected 
of resupply containers. We drove to the Wolfheze Drop / landing zones as we visited the 
sites we had a battlefield tour book to our help that was wery good whit some nice 
storys about the different locations that we visited further on our tour.

The 21st Independent Parachute Company was mentiened a couple of times in the book. 
We were at the John Frost bridge memorial service and the Polish at Driel it was very 
moving. It has been very educational trip to see all the hot spots and there are more 
to see as we did not se all.

Möllerödsdagarna 2013-8-31

These pictures that you see here are right before the opening of the event. The event 
was nice as the previous years and as usual came across old friends from previous 
years and some Dutch tourist that know about the Airborne Battle Wheels event in

It was very pleasent that our display got many visitors and that they where curious 
about the things we displayed. We will post more pictures of the whole event as I did 
not had time to take more pictures and we hade a friend who was there and took 
pictures of the whole event, so we need to borrow his memory card for more pictures.

Arnhem / Osterbeek 2012-9-19 /23

Photos from the ceremony that we had the honor to participate in.
It was Veterans Association 21st Independent Parachute Company
who held the ceremony. it was a great honor to have participated.
This ceremony was held in Oosterbeek, Utrechtseweg and Stationslaan
were the monument of XXIst IPC is.

Möllerödsdays 2012-8-25

A busy day at Mölleröds military show.
Met a lot of nice peaple and some old ones from the previus year.
There were some curiousety about our small display. We the 21st IPC
are very pleased whit the arrangment.

A replica BMW, the motorcycle is not ours. Our home made signs.

Brother and my self.

The flagpole is home made and the flag is
3600 mm long and 1700 mm wide.

Ranger Camp. Funny and pleasant people.

Stug III.

Stug III.

Private jeep exhibitors.

Stug III passing Ranger Camp.

My Brother.

Opperdoes Expedition
2012-6-15/17 June

The seconde international event that we have attended.
We were invited by Jan Brouwer a Dutch gentleman that
found us on the internet and thought it could be nice to met us.
the gesture made an impact on us, so we accepted the invitation.
So, here are some pictures from the event.

Medical equipment.

Jeep, Carrier and Humber scaout car.

Germans signing document

Dutch 1940 police

British camp

21st IPC.

21st IPC.

Border Reg camp.

US camp.

US camp.

US camp.

US Signal tent.

Border Reg.


21st IPC

21st IPC camp.

Opperdoes station

Bunker By Night 2012-5-18/20 May

This was our first international event that was held in
Silkeborg Denmark. I had the opportunity to met very
nice Danish people that reenacted
British RAF, Army and Airborne units.
Those pictures that is shown below are before the opening.

101 Airborne camp.

US ambulance.

RAF personnel.

Army and Airborne personel.

British camp

British camp


Piper Cub.

Refreshment area for reenactors.

US camp.

US camp

Airborne cyclists.

Möllerödsdays 2011-08-27

A very busy day at Mölleröds military show.
An awful lot of nice people did we met on the show.

There were Poles that attended the show whit vehicles.
Here are some of all the pictures that were taken and we met a
veteran from 17 Infantry Division who fought on the
Eastern Front and survived and was 91 years old.
As I said a long rich day.

Russian Front

Stug III

On the move


Officer Uniform M39

Some very nice Yankee´s


Screaming Eagle 101 Airborne

Pansarvärnskanonvagn M43

On the stroll whit the children

Nice Reenacter family

Final Battle

Final Battle

Self Portrait Infront a Captured Sdkfz 251

Next year there will attend polish reenacters.
So the event is growing and that is really nice.