söndag 10 juni 2012

Stanley Galland Cairns Glider Pilot

I'd like to direct you to a website I was made aware of recently by
CHALK living history. It concerns Major Stanley Cairns GPR from his early
days in the Royal Artillery, serving as part of the BEF in France and its subsequent
evacuation from Dunkirk, to volunteering for the GPR and taking part in the
Italian campaign, the invasion of France and the ill fated
Operation Market Garden in September 1944.  

This is an extremely interesting and well put together website and Stanley Cairns
story is a mighty interesting read, but what makes this website truly stand out is the
inclusion of a photograph album (or images of) sent to Stanley after the war by
 Mrs A.L.A. Kremer-Kingma, the lady owner of the house he and his men held in
Oosterbeek during the battle. There are also some marvellous photo's taken from the
Glider Pilot Training Manual along with some interesting miscellaneous photo's
of Horsas etc.

Stanley Galland Cairns

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