måndag 23 september 2013

Oosterbeek / Arnhem 2013

At last one is home. It has been lovely days in Oosterbeek / Arnhem Holland. Not as it is at 
home as I am writing this, RAINING. It was nice to meet all old friends one have come in 
touch in Holland and some new from Czech Republic and some new two.

This year we went whit our father and a new member of our group to visit the different 
location in and outside the perimeter of the Oosterbeek pocket. We started in the 
Oosterbeek pocket and drove first to Heelsum to look at the Memorial that is erected 
of resupply containers. We drove to the Wolfheze Drop / landing zones as we visited the 
sites we had a battlefield tour book to our help that was wery good whit some nice 
storys about the different locations that we visited further on our tour.

The 21st Independent Parachute Company was mentiened a couple of times in the book. 
We were at the John Frost bridge memorial service and the Polish at Driel it was very 
moving. It has been very educational trip to see all the hot spots and there are more 
to see as we did not se all.

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