lördag 9 augusti 2014


Hello again, here you will see photogrphs of how I applaying the blanco on 
the webbing. I bought a syntethetic brush that has a diameter of 40mm. 
I trimmed it as you can see in the pictures. Could be a little smaller about
30mm or 25mm, in return it was good when one brushed the blanco on 
larger items.

I used plastic sheet too, as one can see on the pictures. It will be messy.

The blanco I bought was from SoF and was ok. When you poured it into
a bowl it had the consistency as slury (cant finde metaphor for the word 
od slury it´s a Swedish word.) Quite thick. So I filled a 1/3 of the bottle 
whit water and poured it into the bowl and mixed so it became a little more
thiner. I used the same bottle as the blanco came in for the water.

This i did before I got the tip of Mario. The seconed thing in the process all 
my webbing was damp when I applied the blanco on the webbing. So the 
blanco could soak in to the fabric as it dry. 

The last thing needed to do is to brush the webbing from excess blanco
and polish the brass.

Overall the experience went well. It takes time to blanco the equipment.

Synthetic brush 40mm, could be smaller.

Trimmed brush.

Bowl with SoF blanco and with little more water in.

Help with a piece of wood for the skeleton holder.



Brushing the blanco on the pouche. 



Straps for small pack.

E-toll holder.



Small pack.

Small pack.

Small pack.

Cross straps.

Out for drying.

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