onsdag 10 oktober 2012


When our association converged at Oosterbeek weekend of 20 to 23
September this year, we were fortunate enough by accident to be
approached by man, who was making a documentary and
was wondering if he could use us in his production.

He presented itself as Allan Elser Smith and he worked with making a
documentary of "Theirs is the glory" and he had written books about the
Battle of Arnhem. His uncle was in the production team of the movie
"Theirs is the glory".

Allan Esler Smith, Rick, Jan and Me driving towards the old
church in Oosterbeek

Jan, Rick holding making of "Theirs is the Glory", Frank,
Me and my brother whit his back to us.

At the 21st IPC ceremony,

Jan, Rick, Allan Esler Smith, Frank, Me and my brother Daniel.
At the Old Church in Oosterbeek

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