lördag 20 oktober 2012


October 12 to 14 this year.

A small story from the past weekend.

Autumn of 1944 somewhere in France. There was some British troopes that
blew away from their own forces in a air landing operation behind enemy lines.
It was men from the units 21st IPC that would mark the ground for a
major operation.

After they had orientate themselves, they came in contact with the local people.
They informed that there were German troops in the area and they had American
prisoners amongst them and that there was local resistance movement.

While the British were informed by the locals, they heard aircraft in the air and that
they attacked the German units on the ground from the air.

21st IPC lookout for theYankee´s.

At this time when the Germans were attacked from the air, The Americans took
the opportunity to escape. The men belonged to the U.S. 2nd armor and was
part of the great operation that had been launched. They had been told before the
operation started that it would be a airdropp and if someone would get lost they
should go to the designated areas and to try to rendezvous whit the British units.

American prisoners.

Strike of luck did  the Americans rendezvous white British unit and consolidate
there options. They agreed that the best thing was to try to get in contact with
local resistance movement. On the way to try to find the LRM the got
detected by the LRM. The LRM were on their way to sabotage a radio station
and needed backup, followed the British and Americans the LRM and
supported them in there mission.

Some skirmishes actions was there on this day.
It was a nice day and a good scenario.

French resistance.

The group of the day.

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